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Electrical Systems Professionals and Electronic Systems Integrators nationwide choose Process DSG for the best in lighting control design, programming and commissioning services.  Leaders in lighting control equipment manufacture including Lutron Electronics also choose Process DSG for product development, implementation, and testing.  Our project experience, professional practices and daily passion for lighting and architectural dimming contribute to our customers’ growth and success.   Call us to discuss your lighting project and see how we can help.  Retain Process DSG for your next lighting project and see how fast and efficient your next lighting control system is completed.  We also serve architects, interior designers, building managers and discerning homeowners upon referral.

- Electrical Systems Professionals

- Electronic Systems Integrators

- Architectural Firms

- Interior Design Studios

- Lighting Designers



Brilliant lighting for a single room, a luxury home, or an entire estate uses lighting control to paint beautiful spaces with light, shadow and texture through the changing hues of the day using luminaires, window treatments and architectural features in concert with each other.  Our lighting control design service brings together our construction experience and extensive knowledge of architectural dimming requirements in written and plan form to make the work of our customers efficient and effective.  Coordination with the project design-build team is ensured using CAD technology and our own proven best practices in organizing, distributing and maintaining project design collateral.  With our help, our customers navigate through the new frontier of dimmable LED lighting and managing project changes as well as project completion as seasoned professionals.

- Lighting and control system design

- Lighting and shading control plans

- Load, panel and wiring schedules

- California Title 24 high efficacy lighting control

- Dimmable LED fixture testing services in-house


Elegance and simplicity are paramount to the enjoyment of technology.  Our understanding of architectural lighting practices and the use of lighting layers is reflected in our standards-based programming process. Our programming standards consider ambient, accent, task and natural lighting elements as building blocks to deliver an appropriate feel with each space for every moment in the day. The consistency within every part of our programming methods ensure that the lighting control system is easily understood by the user and a quick sense of familiarity is achieved.  Energy-efficient features are also an integral element in our programming schema. These features automate the dimming of lighting, automation of thermostats and control of natural lighting with motorized solar shading.  Green modes put you in control of the amount of energy you want to reduce in a single room or the entire home.   We also implement the programming needs existing and unfinished lighting control systems upon referral.

-  Lutron Homeworks

-  Lutron RadioRa2

-  iPhone and iPad Integration

-  Powerhouse Dynamics Energy Management

-  California Title 24 Lighting Control Programming Experts


Our experience installing and troubleshooting systems, aiming and focusing lighting and orienting users makes us a valuable resource for commissioning your lighting control system.  Lighting control system commissioning follows our documented process from verifying system readiness through testing and revision procedures.  This vital phase relies on our design and programming documentation together with the skill and patience we invoke while navigating the process.  Our commissioning service is the most efficient way of putting your lighting control system into service using our staff on-site or in collaboration with your staff. We can commission systems on-site or remotely using online support tools and managed services. To ensure system completion, thorough commissioning reports are issued at each commissioning phase.

- On-site lighting control commissioning

- Remote commissioning

- Post-completion service and support

- As-built lighting control plans

- Complete programming reports

- Delighted customers

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